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The Tracker2 series has been discontinued.

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The Tracker2 series has been discontinued.



Digipeater Setup

UI-View Setup


Configuration program

LCD Interfacing

Xastir Setup

Fleet Management Interface

The Tracker2 supports the Garmin FMI protocol for position data, text messaging, and tracker control. See Garmin's list of FMI-capable models.

Hardware Variations

The Tracker2 has been produced in a number of variations.

OT2m Stand-alone unit in a metal enclosure

T2-135 Plug-in board for the Alinco DR-135

T2-301 Plug-in board integrated with the FC-301/D transceiver

Early Versions

Proto E - Identical to OT2m v1.0 with the exception of some PCB markings, thermal vias, and C2 being replaced by 0.001uF cap.

Proto D - Flawed prototype, never released

Proto C - The most widely distributed version during beta testing. Proto C and earlier used all through-hole parts and had a passive input filter.

Proto B - Early prototype with limited production

Proto A - Early prototype with limited production