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Assuming you have AMODE AUTO and ABAUD 4800...

  1. From the setup menu, select Comms Setup
  2. Use the following settings:
    • Baud Rate 4800 (Set ABAUD prior to running UI-View. APRS-IS statistics can improve with faster baud rates: 9600, 19200, 38400)
    • Parity: None
    • COM Port: 1 (whichever one the Tracker2 is connected to - must be between 1 and 8)
    • Data Bits: 8
    • Stop Bits: 1
    • Host mode: KISS
  3. Click on UI-View "SETUP", Click "Comms Setup", Click "Host Mode" select "Kiss", and then click "Setup" to enter Kiss setup screen.
    • Into KISS:
      1. 003,003,003
      2. INT 0^M
      3. WAY OFF^M
      4. AMODE KISS
      5. RESET
    • Exit KISS: 003,003,003

The three ASCII 003s in the "into KISS" settings are to get the attention of the Tracker2 and to make sure there is a command prompt. The INT 0 (interval 0) is to prevent the T2 from beaconing on its own. The WAY OFF is to stop it from trying to send received position reports as waypoints to a non-existent GPS. It probably doesn't hurt anything to leave WAYPOINTS ON but it is one less task for the T2 to do if it's turned OFF.

You can skip commands like INT 0 and WAY OFF if you already have them OFF. The ^M (control-M) at the end of the lines introduces a carriage return. It allows more time between commands. It may not be needed, but can't hurt anything. You should be able to substitute a ^C (control-C) for each of the "003"s. They are just to make sure it exits from KISS mode should you ever close UI-View. Apparently, the standard escape code of 192,255,192 will also take it out of KISS mode. If you leave the "exit KISS" entry blank, the serial port may not be released, making it unavailable for later use, as well as not allowing UI-View to finish shutting down. If you don't want to take it out of KISS mode when you exit, enter 0 (a zero) in the "exit KISS" command.

There are only four "into KISS" entries in UI-View, so you could also "daisy chain" several commands if necessary, like...