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AGWPE can be used to allow a number of APRS applications to talk to the Tracker. AGWPE is generally thought of as a tool for using a computer sound card as a packet TNC. Actually, AGWPE is much more versatile. AGWPE is also an interface between packet applications and physical modems as well. For example, AGWtracker ( requires AGWPE in order to interface with a physical modem such as a Tracker2.

Install AGWPE and then set up a "port" using the following options from the AGWPE port menu.

Select Port Set the serial port to the correct serial port for your Tracker2 Set the baudrate to 4800

TNC Type Choose TAPR TNC2

TNC Sub Type Select KISS Simple

TNC Control Commands INIkiss1 - enter AMODE KISS . Leave INIkiss2 and INIkiss3 blank.

Check the box for "exit KISS on exit"

TNC Radio Port Enter description text, such as 144.39 APRS, to identify the port.