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This Wiki contains support information and related documentation for Argent products. For ordering information, see our online store.

APRS Tracker/TNC Products

Cable Compatibility

OpenTracker Series

The original OpenTracker was based on the MC908KX8 microcontroller.


OpenTracker+ Series

The OpenTracker+ replaced the original OpenTracker and was based on the MC908JL16 microcontroller. It added limited receive capability.


Tracker2 Series

The Tracker2 series expanded on the OpenTracker+ series and added a command console, dual serial ports, remote command capability, digipeating, and many more functions. The series was based on the MC908AP64 microcontroller.


Tracker3 Series

The Tracker3 improves on the Tracker2 with USB support and a more capable 32-bit processor. The OpenTracker USB shares most of the Tracker3's capabilities and source code, but runs on a smaller 8-bit microcontroller.


OpenTracker USB

Safe Mode - Recovery process for the T3 series


ADS-WS1 Weather Station

Simplex Repeater

ADS-SR1 Simplex Repeater

Radio Shield

Radio Shield for Arduino

Radio Shield 2 for Arduino


GTRANS GPS Translator Cable

Slow-Scan Television

SSTVCAM Slow-scan television module

Other Support Topics

Radio Wiring

Garmin FMI

Garmin Nuvi 350 POI Management

Scripting for the Tracker2