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The Tracker2 series has been discontinued.



Digipeater Setup

UI-View Setup


Configuration program

LCD Interfacing

Xastir Setup

Tracker2 OT2m manual (English)

Tracker2 OT2m manual (Simplified Chinese)

Tracker2 T2-135 manual

Tracker2 OT2m schematic

Fleet Management Interface

The Tracker2 supports the Garmin FMI protocol for position data, text messaging, and tracker control. See Garmin's list of FMI-capable models.

Hardware Variations

The Tracker2 has been produced in a number of variations.

OT2m Stand-alone unit in a metal enclosure

T2-135 Plug-in board for the Alinco DR-135

T2-301 Plug-in board integrated with the FC-301/D transceiver

Early Versions

Archived documentation for Proto A, B and C models is available here (zip archive).

Proto E - Identical to OT2m v1.0 with the exception of some PCB markings, thermal vias, and C2 being replaced by 0.001uF cap.

Proto D - Flawed prototype, never released

Proto C - The most widely distributed version during beta testing. Proto C and earlier used all through-hole parts and had a passive input filter.

Proto B - Early prototype with limited production.

Proto A - Early prototype with limited production