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The main Tracker3 page covers information relevant to all Tracker3 variants. This page contains only information specific to the T3-Mini model.

T3-Mini / OTUSB-Mini

Mini board layout
Mini schematic

The Mini board is an embeddable tracker module measuring 1.72" by 1.12" (43mm by 28mm) and weighing 5.5 grams. The same board can be equipped with a Tracker3 MCU or an OpenTracker USB MCU, configurations referred to as the T3-Mini and OTUSB-Mini respectively.

The Mini features 13 general-purpose I/O pins (GP1 through GP12 and AUX) and four analog inputs. Connections are made through 34 contacts in two rows of 17, with a pitch of 0.1" and row spacing of 1" center to center. A mini USB type B connector provides a simple connection for a PC.

All software functions of the full-size versions are retained.


Eagle PCB library


Pin Assignments

Pin Function
A1-A4 Analog inputs 1-4 (max 4xVdd)
1W Dallas 1-Wire data bus
SQL Squelch input
AUX Auxiliary I/O pin
GND / GND2 Ground
GP1-GP12 General purpose digital input/output pins
RST Reset (active low)
B-RX Serial port B input
B-TX Serial port B output
A-RX Serial port A input
A-TX Serial port A output
CFG Configuration select
GRN Green LED output for external LED
RED Red LED output for external LED
AOUT Audio output (to radio)
AIN Audio input (from radio)
PTT Push-to-talk (open collector)
5V Regulator output or Vdd input, 5v max, 2.8v min
VIN Unregulated supply voltage, 6v to 28v

GP6 also functions as the power relay output.

For safe mode, jumper CFG to 1WIRE at startup.