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The T3-301 is a Tracker3 board integrated with a Friendcom FC-301 D transceiver. It is almost identical in setup and pinouts as the T2-301.

The main Tracker3 page covers information relevant to all Tracker3 variants. This page contains only information specific to the T3-301 model.

Product Concept

The goal of this product is to create an integrated Tracker3 and transceiver package for simple and professional installations and integration with (for example) a Garmin FMI capable device. It can also be used with just a GPS and power supply to serve as an APRS tracker and digipeater functionalities.

System Description

The Tracker3 board replaces the "interphase connection board" inside the FC-301/D radio and intercepts all the data and I/O lines going to the DB9 connector effectively hijacking the system's audio and TX/RX control. (NOTE: This means that the T3-301 and FC-301/D have different pinouts and cannot be interchanged.) Internally, the Tracker3 takes all the DB9 pins except for power and ground (which are hardwired in the FC-301/D) and uses them as inputs to the Tracker3. The normal outputs from the Tracker3 are then sent out to the DB9 connector to provide the usual PortA and PortB serial, IRQ, and 1-wire interfaces.

  • Note that for the T3-301 the SETPOWER command range is from 1-5 (corresponding to approximately 1-5 watts RF power output). (The T2-301 used a 1-99 scale for power.)
T3-301 v1.1 Daughter Board
T3-301 Schematic - Nov 2012