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The T2-301 is a Tracker2 board integrated with a Friendcom FC-301 D transceiver. The unit is pre-set to 144.39 MHz. Receive coverage is 127 to 186 MHz.

T2-301 v1.1 Schematic

Additional Commands

The T2-301 adds the following commands for radio control:

SETFREQ ttt.ttt rrr.rrr - Sets the transmit and receive frequencies in MHz, for example SETFREQ 144.390 144.390 to set transmit and receive both to 144.39 MHz. (Note that the receive frequency echoed by the command may not be what was entered; this is a minor glitch that will be fixed in future versions.)

SETPOWER pp - Sets the transmit power, from 0 to 99. The scale is non-linear and varies with the supply voltage, and there is some variation from unit to unit, but the following values are guidelines:

Volts pp Watts
- 0 < 1 mW
12.5 V ~42 5 W
15 V 99 > 9 W


Ports A and B are RS-232. The command console and configuration program can be used only with Port A.

The pinouts for the 9-pin radio connector differ from Radio Wiring for all other Argent data products.

1Port B in
2Port A out
3+5V out
5Power in (9-15VDC)
6IRQ/Counter in
71-wire bus
8Port A in
9Port B out