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In July 2018, Argent Data Systems took over support of the SpinFx Phoenix smart hoop. The 2018 Hyperion Phoenix represents a complete redesign using Argent's own Hyperion technology. Official support for legacy SpinFx hoops is ending, and the purpose of this page is to provide repair and service information for Phoenix hoop owners and independent repair shops working with the Phoenix.

2016 Phoenix PCB modifications

The 2016 Phoenix PCB is white and is marked Phoenix_r130 in the lower right corner of the bottom side of the board. This is a 4-layer PCB. Many common failures of this board are due to burned-out internal traces. Some of these can be prevented or fixed by adding wires as shown.

Common modifications to PCB

The most difficult of these, and unfortunately the most commonly needed, is the connection from the USB connector's +5V pin (the rightmost of the 5 pins) to R6. This carries the USB supply current to the battery charger IC. A hot air rework station or a very fine soldering iron tip is needed to attach the wire to the USB port.

Capacitor failures

The multilayer ceramic capacitors on the board can fail due to flexing or shock. They will typically fail short. In some cases this is very obvious

Replacement PCB

A new 4-layer PCB was developed to replace the 2016 Phoenix board while keeping most of the same components. This is not a feature enhancement, but only corrects some design problems with the earlier boards and replaces some of the more problematic components. Bare PCBs may be ordered directly from OSH Park.