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All Argent tracker products with a 9-pin radio connector (with the exception of the T2-301) use the same pinout for all basic radio interface signals:

1Audio output (tracker to radio)
2Squelch input
3PTT output
5Audio input (radio to tracker)
7Power input
8PTT input (for mic encoder use only)

For most applications, the only connections to the radio required are audio in and out, PTT, and ground. Most handheld radios (Kenwood models being the most significant exception) don't require a separate PTT signal, and instead signal PTT through the mic audio input. For these radios, the 'HT' jumper should be set in the tracker and the PTT line left unconnected.

While the Tracker2 has a separate power input, other tracker models require power to be provided through the radio connector.

Yaesu and Vertex Standard Radios

Handheld models including the FT-10R, FT-60R, VX-1R, VX-2R, VX-3R, VX-5R, VX-110, VX-150, and all models that include the CT-44 adapter in their accessory list use a 4-conductor, 3.5mm plug (available here).

The VX-6R, VX-7R, VX-120, VX-127, VX-170, VX-177 and all models that include the CT-91 adapter in their accessory list use a threaded, waterproof version of the same 3.5mm plug (available here).

Pinouts for both, starting from the tip, are as follows:

Pin Function
Tip Mic
R2 Cloning
R1 Speaker
Sleeve Ground

Handhelds using the 3.5mm/2.5mm 2 prong connector including the FT-411, FT-470 , FT-530, FT-51R, FT-11R, FT-41R, FT-23R, FT-203R, FT-416, FT-703R, FT-109R, FT-109RH, FT-209R, FT-209RH, FT-709R, FT-709RH, FT-727R, (available here).

3.5 RingGround
3.5 TipRx audio
2.5 RingGround
2.5 TipMic Audio

Handheld models including the FT-10R, FT-40R, FT-50R, FT-60R, VX-1R, VX-2R, VX-3R, VX-5R, VX-110, VX-150, and any other model including the CT-44 adapter and MH34b4b speaker microphone in their accessory list utilize the non-threaded 4 conductor 3.5mm type microphone plug which is (available here).

Baofeng Radios

The Baofeng handheld radios use the same 4 pin plug as the Yaesu radios but they have a seperate PTT and Mic pins. The pin outs are as follows, from tip to sleeve.

Pin Function
Tip Mic
R2 Speaker
Sleeve Ground

Packet Data Port

A number of mobile radios manufactured come with a data port on them. This port provides access to a number of signals that are of interest to the APRS user.

Pin Function
1 SQC squelch signal output
2 9600 bps data out
3 9600 bps data in
4 1200 bps data out
5 Ground
6 N/C
7 PTT input
8 5.0V dc max 50mA output
9 1200 bps data in

Given that information it is easy to match up the Open Tracker pinout to the data port pinout as follows:

1Audio output (tracker to radio)91200 bps data in
3PTT output7PTT input
5Audio input (radio to tracker)41220 bps data out

Motorola Radios

Argent Data products to Motorola 16 pin accessory port wiring diagram can be found on this page: OT-Moto

The Motorola 16 pin accessory connector can provide all of the signals necessary to interface to an OT product, including providing enough current to power the unit.

Some Motorola radios have other pins as programmable options beyond what the diagram shows. All radios I have run across so far have been able to be programmed to match the pin out provided. I have successfully interfaced to Radius SM-50, Radius SM-120, and Radius M1225 units. I have provided a COR signal connection, although I run the RX audio output on pin 11 in an unsquelched mode, providing live audio 100% of the time, and set the OT2 for software carrier detect.

This type information also applies to the Maxtrac, Maxtrac 50, Maxtrac 100, Maxtrac 300, Radius M100, M214, M216 Mobiles, and the venerable GM300.

Currently we have an M120 and GM300 that have both worked well with this setup. I am running an M120 currently with an ot2m and it is a great setup. We also are fielding an M120 with an OT1+ connected through the front panel microphone jack.

Please note: it may be necessary to reprogram your radio and change the settings of the multi pin connector prior to successful operation of your APRS setup. WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND RETUNING YOUR RADIO FOR AMATEUR USE.

The Waris mobiles (CDM750, CDM1225, CDM1550)use a similar connector with 20 pins. We are working on the proper pin outs for the Waris series.

The GP300, P110, GP350, GP600, P1225, P50+, and Triton portables use the Motorola 2 pin type connector (available here).