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The original OpenTracker was discontinued when the Freescale MC908KX8 microcontroller ceased production. The current OTWINCFG utility still functions with the OT1 and allows configuration and firmware updates.

Support forum

OpenTracker group on Yahoo Groups

Firmware files

Using the 'web' button from the OTWINCFG utility is the preferred way to load firmware files, but direct links are provided here to allow downloading for use offline.

ot1.s19 OpenTracker1 firmware (OT1, OT1x, OT1m) - March 30 2008

ot1-300.s19 OpenTracker1 300 baud firmware - May 29 2006

ot1-psk31.s19 OpenTracker1 PSK31 firmware - May 29 2006

ot1-dallaswx.s19 OT1 Dallas 1-wire weather station support - April 12, 2008

OpenTracker 1

OpenTracker 1 Revision History

All circuit boards have the revision number printed on the board, usually in the lower right corner. The OpenTracker optionally came a translucent case, with several color choices, and was the only series to use a colored case.

Revision 1: This revision only had a few trackers (20-25) produced, and they did not have voltage measurement capability.

Revision 2: This revision had three variations, all marked "Rev 2". They differed only in the board manufacturer and some minor trace routing changes. Green circuit board.

Revision 3: This revision added a TTL-level carrier detect input, and featured an improved PCB layout. Black circuit board.

Revision 4: This revision replaced the 2N3904 transistors with 2N7000 FETs. A larger voltage regular was used, with a five volt output capability to power a GPS. Red circuit board.

OpenTracker 1 Manuals and Schematics

OpenTracker Manual Revision 3 (pdf)

OpenTracker Manual Revision 4 (pdf)

OpenTracker Schematic Revisions 2 and 3

OpenTracker Schematic Revision 4

OpenTracker 1x (OT1x)

The OT1x was the second OpenTracker variant produced, and it featured an extended circuit board that was designed to fit the PacTec CNS-0101 case. The case is opaque with a hole drilled for the LED. This product was replaced by the OpenTracker+, due to the discontinuation of key components.

OpenTracker 1x Revision History

OpenTracker 1x

Three revisions were made of the OT1x, and all used the same manual. All circuit boards had the revision number printed on the board. The revisions were primarily mechanical changes and a couple of parts substitutions.

Compared to the OT1, the OT1x had the following improvements:

  • Larger voltage regulator
  • Output voltage selected with a jumper
  • PTT keying method and audio level selectable through jumpers
  • 1-wire data bus signal accessible on the serial connector for connection to the 1-Wire Weather station

OpenTracker 1x Manuals and Schematics

OpenTracker 1x Manual (pdf)

OpenTracker 1x Manual (German) (pdf)

OpenTracker 1x Assembly Notes (German) (pdf)

OpenTracker 1x Schematic Revision 3

OpenTracker 1m (OT1m)

OpenTracker 1m

The OT1m was the third OpenTracker hardware variation produced. It added a 2.1mm power jack, RJ-11 accessory jack for 1-wire devices, and an optional 9 or 20 amp high-side switch to control power to a radio, particularly useful for solar powered weather stations. It was designed to fit a custom metal case.

OpenTracker 1m Manuals and Schematics

OpenTracker 1m Schematic

OpenTracker 1m Release Notes

User's manual - see OpenTracker Manual above